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Sardinia Miniature Park

The Miniature Park was found in 1999. It is a complete and detailed reconstruction of the morphological, historical and architectural aspects of our island: Sardinia.

It is placed in the valley underlying the  Giara of Tuili, a kilometer of distance from the Nuragic Village “Su Nuraxi” of Barumini.

The park develops in an area of about 50.000 m².  Inside the park there is the reconstruction of the Sardinian island in miniature, into which there is a 360 meters path  where you can observe the reconstruction in miniature of the most famous monuments of Sardinia.  Moreover, there is the opportunity to use the audio guide in English in order to learn something about the monuments you observe.  The scrupulousness of the reconstructions, the preciousness of the row  materials, the hand-made detailed work and the expert use of dye, make the miniatures real artworks. True history treasures  that well represent the beauty of our island. The way is freely accessible to wheelchairs.