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Museum of Astronomy

In Sardinia, the INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari (the Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari), is a scientific research pole in Astronomy and Astrophysics fields. The Museum of Astronomy and the Planetarium has been realized with the help and support of INAF and represent the first Museum of Astronomy and Planetarium in Sardinia. The Museum of Astronomy develops in a 80 meters of length, through the path the museum is divided in several macro-sections. The subjects of the museum are the birth of universe, the solar system, astrobiology, meteorites just to name a few. Particularly interesting is the area dedicated to gravity, provided with three balances that simulate the gravity in the Earth, in the Moon and in Mars. Visitors can try them in order to discover their weight on the Moon and on Mars. This is a unique opportunity to understand the magnificence of the universe, and what humans have done to reach it. The visit is guided by a guide prepared and enthusiastic. The museum is also provided with original evidences as real fragments of meteorites, a detailed  reconstructions of a spacesuit, some artificial satellites, the soil of Mars and Moon.