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Digital Planetarium

The Planetarium of the Sardegna in Miniatura is the first Planetarium of Sardinia. The dome is of 11 meters  of  diameter and it is provided with a sophisticated digital projector. Our Planetarium is surely the most important  Planetarium in Sardinia, and one of the most important of Italy with those of Milan, Turin and Rome.

Thanks to the technology and the explanations of the guide, you are going to do a journey through stars, discovering our solar system, passing through some shooting stars and simulating the eclipse of Moon and Sun.

This virtual journey, that has been created especially for our Planetarium with the help of Astronomical Observatory  of Cagliari and its astrophysicists, help us to see and understand  the stars and planets motion with didactic and entertainment purposes.

The Planetarium is preceded by the Museum of Astronomy divided in macro-sections: from the birth of the Universe to the conquest of the Space.

Visiting the astronomic path and our Planetarium is a unique occasion to join us and to spend a day learning and having fun thank to all the services that we offer to our visitors.